Free Maybelline Eye Liner @ Dollar Tree After Coupon

UPDATE: Sorry all, but I linked the wrong Maybelline coupon originally. That was for eye shadow. I fixed it now for Eye Liner. Sorry for any inconvenience 🙁

Note: The coupon says it’s redeemable @ Walmart, but that’s not a restriction. They’re just hoping you do 😉

Click here to visit the Coupons site and you’ll be able to print the coupon above good for $1 off any Maybelline NY Eye Liner or Brow Liner. Dollar tree should have these eye liners for $1, so free after coupon.

Image Credit: Coupons

1 thought on “Free Maybelline Eye Liner @ Dollar Tree After Coupon”

  1. Thank you Sam for the clarification. And I also thank you for saying that I don’t have to redeem the coupons only at Wal Mart. However you can’t blame them for trying 😉

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