New Coupon: Buy 1 Big Hunk Candy Bar, Get 1 Free

1. Click here to visit the Coupons site and click the “Local Coupons” tab at the top.

2. Then change your zip code to 90210.

3. Click the “Coupons” tab and then the food category.

4. You should then be able to spot and print the coupon above good for buy 1 big hunk bar, get one free. (Middle column and I had to click “Show more coupons” once)

Image Credit: Coupons

2 thoughts on “New Coupon: Buy 1 Big Hunk Candy Bar, Get 1 Free”

  1. it would help if they actually sold this in other places except for the west coast area…I have a coupon which is pretty much useless since they are not sold in any place near me..=( Why did I get the free big hunk and get my kids and i hooked on these and the only place I can get them in online like amazon,com

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