Possible Free Bag Of Lindt Chocolate On Tuesday

Just a heads up. Lindt Chocolate has been dropping hints over the weekend that they’ll be giving away free Lindt Chocolate on Tuesday. You can click here to visit their tab, which should go live sometime on Tuesday.

I’m thinking their picture says “One Million Bags Of Lindor Truffles.” Hopefully it’s a coupon for a totally free bag, but it should at least be buy one, get one free. I’ll update you guys if they give any more info 🙂

Image Credit: Lindt Chocolate

10 thoughts on “Possible Free Bag Of Lindt Chocolate On Tuesday”

  1. Crap you do what the instructions tell you t o do and still nothing. I do beleive that SampleStuff is getting full of it. 10/ 8/2012

  2. I love chocolate!
    I love Lindt chocolate!
    I need me some Lindt’s
    can’t wait to see what’s new
    I will be shopping soon for Lindt’s chocolate!

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