Different Uses For Newspapers

by Andy C

Many people toss their old newspapers into their recycling bin each week. However, newspapers have a few handy uses that make it worth keeping around. Keeping a small stack of newspapers in your home will prove useful when certain situations arise.


You can use pieces of newspaper to deodorize stinky containers. If your suitcase has developed a musty smell, place a few pieces of crumpled newspaper inside. After a few days, the newspaper will absorb the smell. For a big container, you may need to use extra pieces of newspaper.

Dry Your Shoes

During the winter, newspapers make a useful tool to help you dry your shoes and boots. After a trip outside during a snowstorm, stuff some pieces of newspaper into your shoes. The newspaper will quickly absorb the moisture. If your shoes are completely soaked, you will need to replace the newspaper a few times.

Wrapping Paper

Although newspaper may not make the most attractive wrapping paper, it is affordable and easy to use. If you want to show a little style, use the comic pages to wrap a present for a child. You can easily dress up this wrapping paper with ribbons and other embellishments. For even more decoration, try painting the paper before you wrap the present.

Packing For A Move

Newspapers make excellent and affordable packing materials for your next move. You can use newspaper to individually wrap delicate items, including your plates and art pieces. You can also use newspaper to fill in empty spots in your boxes. The paper will prevent the contents of the boxes from shifting during the move.

Paint Project

If you’re planning to paint a room in your house, extra newspaper will help you speed up the project. You can use newspaper to protect your windows from the paint. Soak a few strips of newspaper in water to attach to your window. The water will help hold the paper in place so that you don’t need to bother with tape.

Replace Paper Towels

Buying paper towels over and over again can add up on your grocery bill. Your old newspaper can replace paper towels in many of your daily chores. If your child accidentally spills some juice, try using a newspaper to mop it up. Newspapers also work great for cleaning your windows and other surfaces. Unlike paper towels, newspapers won’t leave behind lint.

Craft Projects

You can make the cleanup after your next craft project easier by using newspaper. Before you start working on a project, spread out some newspaper on your table. You can paint with your family without leaving any permanent marks on your table.

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  1. Newspaper is all I use in my cats litter box now.
    I lay down a couple of sheets and tear some into shreds for him to dig around in.

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