Enter To Win A Twilight Breaking Dawn Prize Pack ($500+ Value!)

Click here to visit the Women’s forums facebook and like them. Then on the “Win Twilight Packadge” tab, fill out the form to enter to win a Twighlight Breaking Dawn Prize Pack. Prizes include:

Four (4) movie tickets to Breaking Dawn Part 2
$400 for dinner for four (4)
Twilight Prize Package:
Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack $9.99 (Releases Nov 13)
Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Poster $6.99
Twilight Saga Four Pack DVD Set $39.99
The Twilight Saga Book Collection $53.30
Breaking Dawn Part 2 T-shirt $22.50

Image Credit: Twilight

15 thoughts on “Enter To Win A Twilight Breaking Dawn Prize Pack ($500+ Value!)”

  1. My name is Michelle Roberts and i am a mother of 7.. I really enjoy your website.I am always looking to save money for our family..Also wanted to add that.my girls and i have seen all the Twilight Saga movies so far and we have read all the books also

  2. I need to win this for my daughter that’s 8yrs old. Her name is Isabella, Bella for short. She been having a rough time lately. Her daddy just had brain surgery for a brain tumor( cancerous) for the 2nd time. And this would brighten her day, week, year. Thank you.

  3. I really want to win this I love twilight and never got a chance to read the books…..so please pick me

  4. Please send me this bundle because I am a big twilight saga breaking dawn fan.I also own the movies.Thanks for you time.

  5. My name is Jakarta and I’m 14 years old I know alot of people say different reason’s of why they should win. But I just want to win to for fun. I wanna be able to do something more exicting then just go and watch the movie and go start home. I would be a great to win but if I don’t I’ll be fine. It’s best to show respect of other’s who do win then getting upset because they won and I lost.

  6. i would love to take my daughter it would be great for her shes just had a bone marrow transplant on june 6 2012 it would make her so happy thank you

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