Free Photo Address Labels from Walgreens

NOTE: This officially goes live next week, but it seems to be working now. I’m not sure for how much longer though…

Click here to go to the Walgreens site. Create address labels and add them to your cart. Type in ADDFREE as the promo code to get the labels for free along with free shipping. Please note that it doesn’t show free shipping until you setup your payment info. (They won’t charge you)

Image Credit: Walgreens

14 thoughts on “Free Photo Address Labels from Walgreens”

  1. Complete the credit card payment info. Hit continue. The last page will show that shipping is free AFTER you enter your payment information.

  2. I did receive a free shipping with that code. I got it after i put my cc information and hit continue on the next page everything total up to $0.00

  3. I made order for my son, can’t wait to see his face, Free labels & shipping..ADDFREE appeared in both boxes for fee..the labels and the shipping. Thank you

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