5 Free Mystery And Thriller Kindle Books



Here’s a couple new free Kindle books for Mystery lovers. Keep in mind you can read these on LOTS of other electronics besides Kindles. Click here for more information on that.

1. In the Blood by Steve Robinson

2. Access to Power by Robert Ellis

3. Dark Passage by Griffin Hayes
UPDATE: No longer available

4. Within by Ben Scott Craig UPDATE: No longer available

5. Death Before Breakfast by Gwyneth Bledsoe UPDATE: No longer available

*Keep in mind Amazon prices can change, so make sure it’s still free before you add it to your cart

Image Credit: Amazon

2 thoughts on “5 Free Mystery And Thriller Kindle Books”

  1. Books 3 and 4 are not free. You guys really need to check these offers better, you post things like this alot. The only way those two are free is through a lending program that requires membership with another program that costs $79 per year!!!!! Clearly that is not free and these selections should not be posted on this site at all, doing so is false and misleading.

    • Hi Ashley, they’re actually free to everyone when we post them. Like the note after #5 says, Amazon prices can change, so sometimes they make it free for only prime members as soon as the next day after we posted it. (Usually for popular books). Thanks for the heads up though. I’ll mark 3 & 4 as no longer available.

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