5 Free Humor Books For Kindle (And Other Electronics)


Here’s another round of free books for Kindle. These are all humor related. As always keep in mind these aren’t actually just for Kindle. You can also read these on lots of other devices like computers, tablets, smart phones, etc. Click here for more information on that.

  1. Remember This (A Romantic Comedy) by Shae Buggs
  2. Funny Jokes for Kids by Peter Jenkins
  3. Comical Sense: A Lone Humorist Takes on a World Gone Nutty! by Tom Purcell
  4. the Scottish Buddhist Cookbook by Jay Craig
  5. Notso Fatso – a whole new approach to dieting by Walter Winchelow

*Amazon prices can change, so make sure its still free before you add it to your cart. If it’s no longer free, just click the “no longer available” link below or let me know in the comments and I’ll mark it 🙂

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