Free George Killian’s Pint Glasses


Note: Their site is slow to load

Click here to visit the Miller Coors site and enter your age (must be over 21). Then on the next page fill out the form with the upc 071990764005 to request a free George Killian’s Pint Glass. You should get a message that says “That’s it. Your glasses are on the way.”

Image Credit: George Killian’s

23 thoughts on “Free George Killian’s Pint Glasses”

  1. The first time it didn’t go through it told me the captcha was wrong and when I retyped it this is what I got:
    Sorry, Charlie – you can only register once for a pair of pints.
    yet I never got through to get a glass to start with but it says I entered.

  2. said wrong capta,after 3 tries it said,sorry you can only get one set,I wrote them a message on their facebook page,explaining and giving onfo there,hope it worked and I get them.

  3. Got an email from the brewers that said due to an ‘overwhelming’ response, that even though my request was accepted at the site that they WERE NOT going to be shipping me a glass, but to continue to buy their products. Told them to piss off.

  4. when I did it when it told me it went through and told me they be sent. Few weeks later told me due to overwhelming response I wouldn’t be getting one.

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