10 Free Apps iPhone, iPods, And iPad


Here’s a couple free apps that you can score for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Keep in mind prices can change, so make sure it still says free before you download it.

  1. Dr. Seuss Camera – The Cat in the Hat Edition
  2. Shadow Snake HD
  3. Veensta Camera
  4. Trickster
  5. WiFi Mouse Pro
  6. Chess Masters
  7. Oh! Sheep
  8. China Archer
  9. Pilot’s Path
  10. Weather Cube
Image Credit: Apple

1 thought on “10 Free Apps iPhone, iPods, And iPad”

  1. Thank you for posting on these free apps, Sam. I don’t have a lot of time now, but I think I want to check out Trickster, and Weather Cube later tonight after I get home from my shift at DISH. While I am here, I would like to suggest my favorite free app. It’s called DISH Anywhere; it streams all of my live TV channels and DVR recordings to my phone over 3g, 4g or wifi. I am still discovering new ways and places to use it, but it came in very handy last week when I got stuck at the DMV. The hours really seemed to pass by thanks to the movie I watched!

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