Free Package Of Wildflower Seeds

8733774344e78c31cdfea8e0cd8cfdbc_EDF-LogoToday only, you can click here to visit the EDF site and fill out the form to request a free pack of Wildflower Seeds in honor of Earth Day. You don’t have to donate anything on the next page if you don’t want to. If you visit the page again, it’ll say your response has already been submitted.

Image credit: EDF

1 thought on “Free Package Of Wildflower Seeds”

  1. The link goes to a page that says “Oh boy! This is really embarrassing… I’m not really sure where you’re trying to go.” “I am terribly sorry but the page or resource you tried to access could not be found on my web site. I am not sure what happened but I would appreciate it if you could take a moment to let me know what you were looking for. Fill out the textbox below or email me at” They probably took the freebie down

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