Free $10 Credit To

First click here to visit the Doggy Loot site and register an account to get $5 in credit. Next, click here to visit the Survey Monkey site and complete their survey. At the end of the survey, enter the email that you signed up with and they’ll credit your account another $5 within 72 hours.

Image credit: Doggy Loot

2 thoughts on “Free $10 Credit To”

  1. Also doesn’t give credit for the survey. This is the email I received after completing the survey:

    We sent an invite-only survey to a small sample of our long-standing customers. In return, we offered them a $5 credit. Since this survey was invitation-only, we’re only able to award a credit to those we emailed about the survey. If you didn’t get an email from doggyloot, we will not be crediting your account for taking the survey.

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