Free Redbox DVD Rental


UPDATE: This was supposed to only work yesterday, but I tried it again this morning and it was still working! According to Sample Stuff reader Ashley, it should be working through May 8th 🙂

Click here to visit the Redbox site and choose a movie that you’d like to rent. Then at checkout, use the code 7743RRRB to score a free DVD rental. Keep in mind that the code only works for today.

Image Credit: Redbox

5 thoughts on “Free Redbox DVD Rental”

  1. Code above didnt work for me but BREAKROOM did. Try using that oneif you havent already done so. Remember you can use it more than once you just have to use different credit/debit cards!

  2. My son used it three days ago, I had already used it with my debit card, so was unable to again…

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