Free Dentek Floss Pick

dentek-sample-mNote: Their site is really slow to load, so it might take some patience

Click here to visit the Dentek site and let it load. Then keep clicking their images / videos until you get to the end. The page towards the middle is brown and pretty slow to load, so I’d just let it load in a separate tab while you do something else. Once it does load , continue until you reach the page that says “Captain Cavity.” Towards the bottom, you’ll see the picture below. Click the gift box and fill out the form to finally request a free sample of their Dentek Floss Picks.



Thanks Kitti!

Image credit: Dentek

2 thoughts on “Free Dentek Floss Pick”

  1. After I fill out the form, it goes backwards to the page before, where I clicked on the gift box. Is it supposed to do that?

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