1st 4,000: Free Mystery Gift From Mail Chimp

new-mailchimp-logoI’m having no luck with this one, but hopefully it works for you. Click here to visit the Mail Chimp site and follow their instructions to request a free mystery gift. It looks like you have to drag your mouse and click the items until a letter appears (tip: you can click ctrl and use the scrolling feature on some mouses to make the screen smaller).

Image credit: Mail Chimp

5 thoughts on “1st 4,000: Free Mystery Gift From Mail Chimp”

  1. I got one and while I was entering my information it went away before I could get the information entered. So I guess I lost out on mine?

    • it was a monkey figure about 4″ tall with movable arms and head. i got mine a couple days ago. it’s very cool !!!!

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