Free Microphone Or Headphone / Microphone


Note: I didn’t see it the first time I registered, so I had to make a new account for it to work.

1. Click here to visit the Make Music site and enter the code SM123educator

2. Create an account and be sure to check the box that says “Yes, keep me informed of new MakeMusic products” (so it doesn’t ask for credit card info)

3. After you setup your account, you should see the options below

4. Just choose what you’d like, add it to your cart and complete checkout. It should be free with free shipping + no credit card info required.

Thanks BeBe!


11 thoughts on “Free Microphone Or Headphone / Microphone”

    • me too what a load of crock, they could at least tell you why it was cancelled or why you didnt qualify.

      • They cancelled mine too and said it was because they couldn’t verify that I was an educator. I actually happen to be an educator which is funny. They never asked, so I’m wondering if they maybe just took too many orders and can’t fill them.

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