1st 20,000: Free Playtex Bali Bra


Click here to visit the Playtex site and take their oath. Then fill out the form on the next page to request your free bra. Just a heads up though. Their site is loading really slow at the moment. I recommend opening this in a new tab and doing something else while it loads.

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15 thoughts on “1st 20,000: Free Playtex Bali Bra”

  1. I filled out form and it just keeps spinning and spinning going no where then it just goes dead. Doesn’t seem to be working after about a half hour of spinning

  2. It won’t submit and I find myself caring less and less after 30 minutes, considering that I took an oath not to wear an ill-fitting bra, only to find that their largest size is 2 inches too small for me in the band.

  3. finally got the form last night, submitted it and all it did was spin – after leaving computer on all night it NEVER went thru – gave up & shut computer down this AM – BOGUS!!!

  4. registered but page wont load for confirmation that I did…didnt ask size or if a coupon was going to be sent…dang….love Playtex too….best bra’s around. It says Thank You for registering..hope it went thru…would love to get one!


    To clear up confusion surrounding the Braclaration Bra Giveaway: The promotion ended August 12, 2013, as stated in the rules.

    You may still sign the Braclaration, or continue to view our styles.

    Thanks for being a Playtex fan, and we’ll keep you posted on any future promotions!


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