Free 30 Day Supply Of Contacts

UPDATE: Back again

1. Click the banner above to visit their site

2. Click one of Air Optix banners on the left or right of their site

3. Click “Get It” on the top right and fill out the form. Make sure you check “Yes, I would like a free trial certificate!”

4. On the next page, register with EyeFile and you’ll be able to print a certificate good for a 30 days worth of free contacts.

*You should be able to request another 30 day supply by clicking the images below. The steps are pretty much the same 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Free 30 Day Supply Of Contacts”

  1. Where can I get my certificate for a free 30 day supply?

    When I click the banner as it says, it takes me to samplestuff’s FB page. HELP!

    • You’ll need to take them to an eye doctor and if you don’t have a current prescription, you will need to pay for an eye exam and contact lens evaluation. These giveaways are very misleading.

  2. No need to change browsers most likely to see banners. You probably have pop-ups blocked. Allow pop ups on this web site and you should see the banners and then you can click!! I did!!

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