Free Doughnuts @ Krispy Kreme On September 19th


Just a heads up. Thursday, September 19th, anybody that enters a participating Krispy Kreme and talks like a pirate will score a free Original Glazed doughnut. Also anyone that wears full pirate attire will score a free dozen Original Glazed doughnuts!

According to their facebook, you’ll need to be wearing at least 3 of the following for it to count as full pirate attire:

Eye Patch
Pirate Hat
Peg Leg
Parrot on Shoulder
Pirate Shirt / Loose white shirt
Leather Belt
Silver and gold necklaces and earrings
Pirate Hook
Pointy black boots or ragged brown sandals

I’ll be sure to reminder you all about this as the date gets closer =)

Image credit: Krispy Kreme

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