Free All Liquid Detergent @ Family Dollar After Coupons (Today Only)

0007261345035_500X500Note: You might want to bring along the Family Dollar coupon policy, so the cashier doesn’t give you any trouble

1. Click here to visit the Family Dollar site, click the household category and print the coupon good for $2.50 off the 50oz All liquid detergent

2. It’s a bit slow to load, but click here to print a coupon good for $1.00 off any ONE (1) all Laundry Detergent

3. Buy the 50 oz. All Liquid Detergent for $3.48

4. Use both coupons since one is a store coupon and the other is manufacturer coupon

Final cost is free! 🙂

Thanks Sandy!

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4 thoughts on “Free All Liquid Detergent @ Family Dollar After Coupons (Today Only)”

  1. I went to 3 Family Dollar stores, before finally finding a store that had ALL in stock. Then the mgr. didn’t want to take my coupon, as their district store mgr recently stated they will not honor coupons printed from the internet (due to fraud), I even had their policy. I asked for the district store mgr name and number, and that is when the store mgr said she’d honor my request this one time. However, I had to get the store coupon via text by texting “Value” so 28767 & she honored the mfgr coupon. Good Luck!

  2. OMG that was a NIGHTMARE! I went to one store and they were not running the sale but they had the product. I went to the next store ten minutes away who had the sale but wouldn’t use the coupons! I had printed the store policy too. They didn’t care. To top that off the store is in a low class area if you know what I mean and I had in less than one minute of getting to the counter this female behind me yelling, “Hurry up I gots to be up in my job and I aint got no times for this. Be taking fo-eva.” WOW! I offered the impatient woman to please take my place but the cashier couldn’t let her because her computer was froze. Figures. The cashier ended up not being able to help me so I walked out and as I did was getting the evil glair by the impatient woman. I tried calling corporate to find out why their stores don’t follow their policies. Anytime I got to customer service it became a busy tone and hung up on me. Still I drove 25 minutes and I wasn’t going to give up. I normally would let these things go but this time with the rude customers and the area I had to drive to I wanted to get the detergent! I went a head and called the first place I walked into that wasn’t running the sale and asked if I could speak to their manager in hopes to help me since this other stores manager was MIA. The store that wouldn’t use the coupons told me the manager was supposed to be there but he walks into work so he maybe a little late? Ok?! They also had no idea who their district manager was when I asked maybe if I could speak to that person instead. Ok again?! The first store I went to that didn’t have the sale said when I called that they would take care of me and that it shouldn’t be an issue to use the coupons and they will price match it and be happy to help me. THANK GOD! I then told the other store that was clueless on how to use the coupons that I will be going to their other family dollar store because they said they will help me. The store that was clueless then wanted to help by calling the other store to find out how to use the coupons so I would not need to drive all the way back to the other store. The manager at the other store walked them through it over the phone and it worked easy as pie. The lady felt really bad as she has been turning away people left and right with these coupons. I don’t know if I will ever waste my time to get some free detergent again at this store but I am glad my persistence paid off. I wasn’t going to give up esp. after the area I had to drive into. Wish they had this store in a nicer community.

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