4 thoughts on “Free Beneful Healthy Smile Sample Pack”

  1. This is a coupon for buy one get one free at HEB grocery stores in Texas and Mexico, NOT a free sample that you get sent from Purina! You should have this info your description Free Samples and Freebies so folks know these kind of things BEFORE they go to the site and sign up with all of their personal information only to find they cannot get the item.

    • Hey Eve, this was actually offering a free sample when I first posted it, but they offered a coupon when the ran out. Sorry it took so long to update the post though, I put it up right before I had to take a quiz 🙁

      • Thanks for letting me know. I was sure disappointed when I got to the site only 6 minutes after it posted just to find a coupon that I couldn’t use. Wish these companies had more samples so they don’t run out within a couple of minutes, if even that, lol!

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