Possible Free Samples From John Frieda


UPDATE: This one’s back again

Click here to visit their site and answer the quick questions. Depending on your answers they’ll either offer you a coupon or free samples. I was offered a coupon, but I’m hoping most of you score the free sample 🙂

Image credit: John Frieda

12 thoughts on “Possible Free Samples From John Frieda”

  1. I am kind of bumming. I don’t get a free sample just a coupon, and I don’t have a printer! 🙁

    • Install a free PDF maker like PrimoPDF and you can put the PDF of the coupon on a flash drive and take to somewhere where you can print it.

  2. I got a sample for my wife but would have preferred a coupon. Rite Aid has these on sale this month and I’d rather get a decent discount on a full size container than a small sample size.

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