Check Your Email For The Free Stella Artois Chalice


So about 2 weeks ago, we posted a freebie from Stella Artois where you can get a free chalice. If you signed up, be sure to check your email. I just received an email from them that says “You’ve been given a Stella Artois Chalice” with a link to fill out my shipping info! The title of the email is “Happy Holidays From Stella Artois,” so be sure to be on the lookout for it. They said I had untilĀ 2:59:59 p.m. CST on 12/27/13 to fill it out.

Thanks for the heads up BeBe, Tena, Jessica, and Amy!

Image credit: Stella

1 thought on “Check Your Email For The Free Stella Artois Chalice”

  1. Oh I hope I get mine today!! I gave my gift to someone else and they said what I would get would be even better. I hope that meant I get 2 instead of just one.. not fun drinking alone ya know. Did anyone else get anything for giving their gift away ? Keep us posted if you did and what you got if you did. Thanks just a whole lot and Merry Christmas everyone!

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