Free Copy of the “Salads-to-Go” Cookbook for Amazon Kindle!

Free Copy of the "Salads-to-Go" Cookbook for Amazon Kindle

Get a FREE copy of the “Salads-to-Go” Cookbook for your Amazon Kindle (or other ereader device). This book shows you how to make mason jar salads. You can prepare them ahead of time and take them into work/school. These recipes are fun, healthy and (since you carry them in a mason jar) environmentally sustainable! Get your FREE copy here.

This book was free at time of posting (July 11th, 2014). Check the price before hitting the 1-Click button. You don’t need a Kindle device to read this book: You can download a free Kindle app for your phone, tablet, Mac or PC. You may also be able to read the book online through Amazon’s cloud service.