FREE Sample Pack of Nesquik and Nesquik Coupon!

FREE Sample Pack of Nesquik and Nesquik Coupon!

Check this out moms. Your child can get a free sample pack of Nesquik and Nesquik coupon when you answer a brief questionnaire online. Each sample pack includes 5 sticks of NESQUICK. The Nesquik coupon  saves you $1.50 off your next NESQUICK purchase (no restrictions on sizes or flavors!). Expect to wait roughly 6-8 weeks for delivery. If you sign up for the sample, let us know how it goes. We love feedback about these things!

6 thoughts on “FREE Sample Pack of Nesquik and Nesquik Coupon!”

  1. So just because I don’t have kids I don’t qualify for a free sample of Nesquik something I drink. Major boo!!!!

  2. I have 3 kids that drink Chocolate milk almost daily and I do not qualify. This sample seems to be no good.

  3. I tried all the combos I could, but even my own personal combo (kids ages/times a week we drink it) didn’t qualify

  4. After being truthful didn’t work, I tried about 20-25 different random combos. I may complain to Nestle directly about “fraudulent offers” & see what they say just because that kind of thing makes me angry.

  5. I tried every combination over & over the last two days to no avail. Today I tried again (ages 9-12 and drink several times a month) and it took it. I think maybe we get the don’t qualify message when the daily supply is depleted – maybe????? Keep trying!!

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