Free Cosmetic Samples at the JCPenney Salon

JCPenney SalonRight now you can get a store freebies such as free cosmetic samples of Matrix Agave when you purchase select items at your local JCPenney Salon. If you are needing a new color and cut this is a store freebies to pick up after your appointment. You also can get free cosmetic samples like a free deep conditioning treatment when you spend $32 on a JCPenney salon service.

3 thoughts on “Free Cosmetic Samples at the JCPenney Salon”

  1. Dear Sir, Due to a chronic, and debilitating disease, i unfortunately do not leave the house. My address is ___________. Free Samples would be great! Thanks!

    • Hey, guys. Quick reminder, please please please do not put your personal address here. This is the internet and everyone can see it.

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