21 thoughts on “At&t: Free 1000 Bonus Rollover Minutes”

  1. Wish they would give us a discount off our bill instead we have unlimited minutes & I have so many roll over minutes they always expired! Ive been w/ them since they were pac bell almost 10 yrs ago & ive thought of changing a million times cuz I know im paying way to much!

    • I work for at&t. Just call and have them go over your rate plan & features to see if something else would work better for you. If you don’t have an unlimted voice plan you might be able to get a discount and that comes from your employer. Talk to your company and see if they offer a discount.

    • I work for at&t. Just call them and have them go over your rate plan and features to see if something else will work better for you. In order to get a discount, that comes from your employer so check with your company to see if they offer discounts for their employees. If you are on an unlimted voice calling plan, it will no qualify for discounts.

  2. I just called At&t customer service and you have to receive a text message from them and if you accept you text yes back. They could not give me the qualifications of who would receive the text message regarding this offer. If you are one of the lucky chosen then you will have six to eight weeks to use the minutes. I hope this helps!!

  3. I just texted them, and received a message to wait 4-6 weeks for processing, but that I would receive my minutes.
    I too had thousands of minutes, until I reduced my plan to basic, it took me 10 months to use them all. Now I am ready to up the plan and do this again.

  4. I sent the text and got a text back “Thank you for accepting our free 1000 bonus Rollover minutes offer. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing.”

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  6. I just did this & I received a textright back saying, “your rollover minutes will be added to your account within 4 weeks, subject to verifying you account eligibility. Limit 1 credit per account.”

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