Important: Facebook Changing Newsfeed Settings

Facebook is going to be making some changes to their user settings, so you might not be seeing updates from any fan page including ours. We post samples and deals that sometimes go extremely quick, so Facebook is the best way to ensure that you see them.

No worries, there’s a quick fix, but you’ll want to do it before the changes take effect. Here’s how:

1. Look at the top of your facebook homepage and click on Most Recent. Then click on Most recent once more.

2. Of the options that show up, click “Edit Option”
3. On the box that shows up, click the down arrow and select “All of your friends and pages” and save

4. Done πŸ™‚

Now if you don’t want all your fan page updates, but don’t want to miss ours there’s a fix for that to:

1. Just click here and add Sample Stuff as a friend on facebook. We post all our updates there too, so you’ll see it in your feed.

852 thoughts on “Important: Facebook Changing Newsfeed Settings”

  1. I love love your page!!!!!!!! I have gotten some really great samples thru you guys. Keep up the awesome work!!!!!

  2. thanks for the info, I random check the free sample website just to make sure I haven’t missed anything!! πŸ™‚

  3. I understand the Facebook changes are a PITA, but maybe they are trying to better the site :-/
    I β™₯ SAMPLE STUFF!!!

  4. Thank You for that information. Will do it right away. Hope I can win have never won anything here. Just all your samples an freebies you find for us an those are all awesome. i love going to my mail box daily to see what has come that day. Thanks Barb

  5. Thanks. I checked earlier today and my settings were fine. I’m still getting your updates (wouldn’t want to miss them!).

  6. I don’t get too bent out of shape over the FB changes. It’s nice when people bring them to others’ attention though.


  8. i checked my settings earlier they were fine but thanks for the updates….i’ll gladly take a walmart gift card..thanks

  9. Thank you soooooo much for posting all the freebies! It’s like getting a present in the mail for no reason!

  10. I’m just now getting used to the changes they made before! Lol..hope I’m lucky enough to win this week!

  11. I like getting my updates πŸ™‚ it makes things easier since I don’t have time between work/family to look for deals! lol

  12. Sure could use a $25 gift cert. Only problem I would have is deciding where to use it. Lovin’ the samples

  13. FB is forever making changes. Takes a lil while to get used to..but I spose there’s a point to it somewhere haha. I would love a gc to Amazon.

  14. Added you as friend. Will see how that works. I have a few other alert sites like yours but your alerts usually come in before the others. So you are doing a great job.=)

  15. i would love to win dont get to much so it would be nice πŸ™‚ walmart gift cards are the best i can buy groceries and gas πŸ™‚

  16. I wanna win a giftcard to get my daughter a valentine also love the website i use it daily for bargains and freebies

  17. it would be amazing to win! my sister in law just found out they are expecting again and i would love to be able to start stocking up on baby needs!! Thanks for offering so many freebies!!

  18. I just found out about this last night. Thanks for letting people know. I would hate to miss out on any freebies!

  19. I have changed my settings so I can still keep recieving these Great offers form Sample Stuff. THANKS for all the Great Samples. πŸ˜‰

  20. Thanks so much for taking the time finding all of the awesome samples & posting them to share with us. Without you all i would miss everything. Also thanks for the extra info here on the FB settings because i do not want to miss a post from you. Have a great weekend & thanks for giving us all a chance at winning a gift card. Your Awesome!

  21. Absolutely love this site! FB updates are great! Thanks for the heads-up on the upcoming changes. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win this time:)

  22. I just learned about this earlier this morning-it really is annoying! Thanks for helping me find great samples!!!

  23. facebook is great.. i think it should stay how it is… Thanks for all the great freebies and giveaways.. happy valentines day samplestuff

  24. Thanks for the info! I also noticed the change to how photos show on Facebook’s home page now. It’s one change I actually like.

    Thank you for all the wonderful finds you share with us daily!

  25. You guys have been good to me I won alot of things through you and gotten alot of free samples. I will continue to support you.I<3 u guys!!

  26. I would love a gift card! Wal-mart would be nice… due to a blizzard and another 14″ of snow less than a week later, we need to make a trip!

  27. Would hate to not be able to get a freebie because by the time it came through it was too late; added you as a friend!

  28. Change is great!! Thanks for giving us a heads-up! πŸ™‚ A gift card from Bath&Body Works, Target, or Kohls would be great too!!! Love you guys and thanks for all the Freebies and you’re hard work!!!

  29. I sure could use a gift card to any store…..please pick me!!!!
    My lil boy sure could use a new pair of tennis shoes!!!!!

  30. I dont like changes! But thank you so much for the tip! Im definetely adding you so i wont miss any if your updates! πŸ™‚

  31. Thank you for the heads up. I appreciate your timely updates and the way you keep us ahead of the game.

  32. i found that if one had already edited the options (ie: blocked game posts, or annoying friends) they were defaulted to their current settings anyway. it appears the people affected by this change were the ones that never changed the setting from all/everyone. another example of fb irony – people who wanted everything all of a sudden found they were limited…

  33. Thank you! With 3 little ones under 3 I barely have time to keep up with laundry, let alone all the changes facebook is making lately. Adding you as a “friend” as well so I can (hopefully) sign up for the SMS alerts…I am forever missing out on important updates because I am not around a computer.

  34. I haven’t seen you blocked off my page yet! I checked my settings last night, and they are set to show all, but I know I still don’t see everyone on my list.

  35. thanks for letting everyone know i already had to do that about a week ago i noticed that at least 60% of the pages i am a fan of were not showing up in my feed and i was determined to fix it lol and figured it out i didnt know it was a thing facebook was doing though i thought mine was messed up or something

  36. Thanks for the headsup! I really hate when facebook makes changes that makes things worse and are to no ones benefit! If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

  37. Thank you for the information. I took care of my settings just now! Also, thanks for all the deals you provide! Love the savings you pass on to us!!

  38. Hi there! I was so lucky to have come across your website a few weeks ago, that now everyday I’m looking for updates on Facebook. I even check your webpage, too. You never know what good article or freebie I may come across. Thanks for all you do!

  39. I am all for change but I really didn’t see anything wrong woith the way it was. Now I had a picture I wanted to delete and on it there was no delete option. Most of them have this option but certain ones don’t …what’s up with that.? Oh well go with the flow..or say no and go?

  40. Thanks for keeping us informed. It is hard to keep on trackof all the differnt changes to our accounts/privacy.

    Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  41. Thanks for letting us know about this. The change actually isn’t bad. Thanks for the giveaway. Would love to win but good luck to everyone else πŸ™‚

  42. I love this website. I’m new to it and fell in love my first day on here. Thanks for all the help during the bad economy we are in.

  43. I just found this out yesterday! Facebook IS in charge, and I guess we are kind of guest, but this is no way to treat a guest! Not from the South where I was raised.

  44. Thank you for the information, I will go back now and get mine fixed. I do appreciate getting the goodies that I can use from your post!!! Thanks.

  45. Thanks for the update! I never knew that, maybe that’s why I don’t see all of the updates from friends and companies.

  46. yeah for facebook updated pages, yeah for pages and yeah for samplestuff and coupon pages on facebook!!!! love it!

  47. It’s great knowing I’m receiving all my updates now! I can’t stand when I miss a good offer because it didn’t show up in my newsfeed. Thanks!

  48. So glad to see this it helped me figure out why people weren’t on my page anymore. They were blocked. THANK YOU! So even if I don’t win I got a problem fixed.

  49. I really love your page, so thanks bunches for telling us how to fix that before the changes take place!!! πŸ™‚ Do we always need to say what store we would want the gift card for in case we win? If so, Target. πŸ™‚

  50. i heard this. what a dum thing for FB to do. love this site. would hate for it to get lost in the daily grind shuffle. but i think i would notice

  51. I did this chage a while back but i made sure that i could still get your feeds i would hate to go with out it.
    Thank you

  52. I love this page. I have gotten numerous things and I have passed this along to friends. Keep up the great stuff!

  53. i wake up every morning, feed my kids, then go straight on my comp and check on sample stuff before checking my emails. if i do go on facebook, i have you as friend and i’m still able to check out your deals for the day. love, love your site!!

  54. Thanks for the valuble information. This is helpful to see all my friends and pages that I like. Have a great free weekend.

  55. I just added you as a friend! I’m glad you mentioned the change, because otherwise I wouldn’t know.

    For the giftcards, I would like one to H&M or Safeway. Thanks!

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  58. I’m already a fan of your page and would love to win a gift card, ebay or would be really nice!! Good luck everyone!

  59. this sounds SWEET! i seen this and thought id give it a try not really a BIG believer in winning anything. but Im hoping…got my finders and toes crossed. πŸ˜€

  60. Thanks for the info, as facebook keeps changing and I have to relearn where everything is and how to locate what I need.

  61. Thanks for the info and instructions on how to deal with new FB settings! (P.S. a gc to Target would be lovely.)


  63. Thanks! I manually click on the page several times a day, like an addition, but reset mine anyway, just in case!

  64. Thanks so much for all of the freebies, I love getting the mail everyday now! Hoping for that $25 gift card. I’ve got a new baby so it would be awesome to win. Thanks again!

  65. Thanks for all you do, including this important info about the FaceBook Page since I share these deals with my friends I will have to share this with them also.

  66. Thanks! I’m wondering about Facebook. They seem to change the things we love and not get rid of the things we want. But THANK YOU for letting us know!

  67. What would I do without our updates and all other wonderful information ou give us. Thank you so very much for keeping us in the know. No one else has taken the time to do this but you and it is very much appreciated. Winning a gift card would be wonderful as I am raising my two wonderful grandchildren after the death of our precious daughter. Thank You.

  68. Thank you for letting me know about important updates. I love this site and getting the disounts and free items!!

  69. Thank you for always posting great links for the freebies! My kids love when samples come in they think they are made just for them

  70. Thanks so much for your free sample links, guys. My mom has always been a huge fan of getting things for free, and since she’s gotten more and more sick it’s the little things that keep her happy. You guys work hard for us and it’s appreciated. πŸ™‚

  71. Thank you so much for the information. Now, I just wish they would give us a way to keep all of the comments in chronological order. >:P Facebook developers aren’t using their noggins!!!

  72. I love this πŸ™‚ ty for all the cool stuff. Make it so nice to try things out so you know it works in the tough times we are going through. again a huge TY

  73. Thank you for keeping us informed. I am the mother of 3 kids ad depend on freebies and coupons to stretch finances

  74. I think Facebook should have to notify us individually when they make these type of change. If someone like you guys or our friends don’t tell us what is going on, we’d never know. Thanks for everything!

  75. I *knew* something wasn’t right…I could see more updates and such on my phone than I did on my laptop! All fixed now. Thank you!

  76. Thank you for this information. Not to mention all of the other work you do for us. I have been trying to figure this out, so thanks again!

  77. Thank you for letting us know that information! I am tired of FB making all these changes:(. Really glad for all the samples that you tell us about. I have gotten to try some new products that I would not have tried without sampling first. Thank you for providing this service.

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  80. Since I’ve found your site, I’ve become addicted to free things! Thank you for all the hard work you do for all of us to get goodies in the mail! You made going to the mailbox fun again!

  81. I got er done lol thanks for the heads up and I agree with tyhee old Facebook is 100% better who’s with us lol

  82. I already have you added as my friend on Facebook. πŸ™‚ If you would please add me to this contest, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!