24 thoughts on “1st 15,000: Free Avon ANEW Skin Care Kits”

    • Laurette,

      You would love it. I am an Avon Rep and the Anew line is such a hot seller. If you go to the site you will be able to see which is right for ya!

  1. l really need this Avon ANEW Skin Care Kit. My skin has been tormented this winter!
    Thanks for offering this 🙂

  2. these products must be good . Your getting enough to really try them and they are not trying to suck you into buying every month. Seem they have confidence in their product.. Thanks Avon

  3. I have not only used these wonderful products but I sold them as well for almost 10 years and am thinking about getting back into it again. I really enjoyed making my friends, family and new friends happy with their choices. This would be a great way to try the products again to see how they always improve on something that was already great to begin with! Good Luck to all!

  4. I received a email today telling me that I actually won one of the kits Im so excited to get it in the mail in the next 3 weeks.I still cant believe I actually made it within the first 15,000

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