New Tide Giveaway On Thursday 3/3

Just a heads up: According to their facebook, to make up for all the errors in their last giveaway, Tide will have another giveaway on March 3 at 12 Noon (Eastern Time). It’s open to anyone who has not previously qualified for a Tide giveaway. You can click here to like them on facebook because that’s where they’ll post the link.

8 thoughts on “New Tide Giveaway On Thursday 3/3”

  1. Love Tide products. My clothes always look and smell so clean> I watched my mother use it for years,so I continue the tridition>

  2. I love Tide, but esp the to go stain sticks ~ I have them everywhere! We have these white upholstered chairs and they always get stuff on them! Soup is not my friend, the stick works great to remove the spills so I can move on w/my day!

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