16 thoughts on “Free Gold Bond Body Wash Sample”

  1. Is anyone else having trouble completing the request? When I click on the “Submit Now” button at the bottom, nothing happens. I’ve tried several times, using two different browsers. I’ve ordered several samples from Wal-Mart.com, & this has never happened before.

      • I too am having the same problem have done everything and used 2 different browser and I also have have no problem with Wal mart in the pass what is up with that

  2. I have also tried for 2 days,at many different times, fill out the form, nothing happens when I hit the submit button. cleared cache, and cookies…nada. Using FF, have also ordered in the past with no issues. I did not see a way to contact them re: the problem.

  3. I am also having the same problem with this – have tried at least a half dozen or more times – filled in all the pertinent information – clicked on the “Submit Now” button – nothing happens!!! Have also tried clearing my cookies and cache – this did not help, either – still have the same problem!!! Any other suggestions??? Very frustrating!!!! Never had this problem when ordering Wal-mart samples before!!!! Ok, Sample Stuff – now what????

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