Free Huggies Baby Wipes Sample


UPDATE: Sorry guys a 9 digit member id is now needed

Click here to visit the Sam’s club site (no member id needed). Click the arrows on the side of the screen until you see the ad above. Then click “Get A Sample.” On the next page fill out your shipping info for a free sample of Huggies Baby Wipes. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

9 thoughts on “Free Huggies Baby Wipes Sample”

  1. according to the link I clicked on, it does ask for and require a member ID….maybe I’m doing something wrong

  2. U dont need a membership number, just any random 9 digit number will work…i did it last night and it worked 🙂

  3. Your right Jennifer, So far when you use any 9 digit number you can sign up for it but lets wait and see if we actually get the sample. I just did it too

  4. We’re Sorry!

    This sample is no longer available. Please check back later to see if it becomes available.

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