BJ’s Wholesale Members: Free Glad Forceflex Bag Sample

NOTE: A 12 number BJ’s membership number is required is limited to Conn., Delaware, Rhode Island, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Mass., New Jersey, New Hampshire, NY, North Carolina, Ohio, Penn., and Virgina

Click here to visit the BJ’s site and fill out the form to score a free Sample of Glad Forceflex Tall Kitchen 13 gallon Trash Bags and a coupon for $2

thanks h2s

8 thoughts on “BJ’s Wholesale Members: Free Glad Forceflex Bag Sample”

    • how is it not? if you don’t have a store near you, you can’t buy it from them, so why would they

    • i used my ss # plus 3 more nymbers and it went through,,,,,,i started with a 2 ,, give it a try , what have you got to loose….hope it works for you.

  1. Yeah can’t enter just any number they first have to have a store in your state, thats a drag I use these trashbags all the time

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