10 thoughts on “Free Purex Complete With Zout Detergent Sample”

  1. I LOVE Purex, its the ONLY laundry detergent I use…It does a wonderful job getting my clothes clean, and I LOVE your fragances, it has my clothes smelling wonderful. Thank you

  2. I love Pyrex 🙂 I just tried the Pyrex with zout an love it. Keep up the great work Pyrex team!

    • If you love it so much Vicki, you should learn how to spell the product name. It’s pUrex not pYrex

  3. Just got my sample in the mail today with a dollar off coupon, and Purex is on sale for $1.97 in my area! YEAH!!!! Whoop, whoop!!

  4. I live in Arkansas and cannot find the new Purex with Zout anywhere! When will Walmart start cerrying it??

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