22 thoughts on “Bounce: Enter to Win 1 of 750 Dryer Bars”

  1. I probably will not win!…I have the worst luck and no matter how many times you can register for any giveaways; I register and register, and I even have my husband to register to see if I/we can win that way….But NO, I still LOSE…But I hope I win anyway…Maybe one day my luck will change!…What do you think?

  2. Word to the wise. if you use it refill it well before it runs out or the bracket will snag your clothes. I let it get to empty and it ruined a few things… I took it out with goo gone. it is glued to the inside drum of your dryer and takes some considerable effort to get out. Iit worked well but if you need to dry anything without fabric softener forget it.

    • I had a similar problem with the bar. Except the bar stained my red comforter and the stained never came out. Also the bar broke in half and left a mess in the dryer. I tried pulling the sticky part off and it now has left a permament mark in the dryer. Be careful when using these bars!!

  3. They are doing a drawing for 750 bars to give away EVERY WEEK in June (ending the 30th). Each week, you will need to fill out the form again for a chance to win that week…read the official rules for more info!

  4. is anyone else having a problem with the form? on my computer the form is overlaid by other info and i cant enter anything. help!

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