Free 8×10 Collage Print At Walgreens

UPDATE: No longer available

Until Saturday 6/18, is offering a free 8×10 Collage Print ($3.99 value). Here’s how to score this freebie:

  1. Go here and click “create now”
  2. Either signup or login to your account
  3. Create your collage
  4. At checkout, enter code 1FREEBIE and select in-store pickup. Your total should be $0.00
  5. Complete the checkout process.

Thanks Melissa via Facebook

14 thoughts on “Free 8×10 Collage Print At Walgreens”

  1. Thanks, I just created my account, downloaded my pics, selected the collage and soon I will be picking up my “Mi Familia – 2011” 8×10 collage Print. <3 U

  2. The site is confusing put in the coupon code and scroll ALL THE WAY to the bottom, it should say free. And Aye it will ask for billing select “Pay in store” and it will give you your bill and ask you to accept, picking mine up tomorrow!

  3. I see how you get pictures from Facebook to make the collage but how do you use pictures directly from your hard drive?

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