29 thoughts on “Possible: Free Crest Complete Sample Pack From OWN Network”

  1. And you need to be female. I’m male and it denied me so I changed my gender to female and got it.

  2. The only response I put NO was if I would consider myself CEO of my house. I was rejected! Whatever

  3. You have to say yes to everything, be a female & have atleast 1 child & watch the OWN network. The only thing that i qualified for was being a female. But i checked yes to it all & got my pack. Kinda crappy you have to lie to get it & reallycrappy that you have to be an OWN veiwer. Oh well i got mine.

  4. I am loyal to crest like all you guys. I wondes r why they don’t provide goodies to thank us for our loyalty. Maybe they have no money to waste for marketing. What channel is the new oparah?
    got my free

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