Free Fresh Express Salad Bag + Free Salad Clip + Coupons (Select Stores)

UPDATE: No longer available 

Click here to visit the Vocalpoint site and either login or register for a free Fresh Express salad bag, a free salad clip and coupons. Allow 5-7 weeks for delivery. Offer only available in certain areas.

thanks a2s

37 thoughts on “Free Fresh Express Salad Bag + Free Salad Clip + Coupons (Select Stores)”

  1. I tryed to get this as I like the Fresh Express salad bag , but it says this offer is for women only. That being said I will now not be buying your salads anymore. if you only want women eating them Im glad to help out. if you didn’t catch on im mad !

      • Im not mad at you at all,,,,this sight has found me some great stuff. Im mad at the company and i sent them a email telling them so. Keep up the great job and thanks for everything you do

  2. I visited this site at 7:15 am (ET). It siad that 9 people had taken advantage of this, and they were already all out!!! What a gimmick!!!

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