Staples Coupon: Free 3-pack Pilot Gel-Ink Pens w Any Purchase

UPDATE: Sorry guys it looks like I got a bad tip on this one. I’m hearing from some readers that their Staples wouldn’t take it because it didn’t have a coupon code. I’m moving this one to no longer available. Sorry for any trouble.

If you happen to be heading to Staples, be sure to click here and print a coupon good for free Pilot B2P Retractable Gel-Ink Pens 3-pack ($5 value) with any in-store purchase.

Thanks Stacy & h2s!

7 thoughts on “Staples Coupon: Free 3-pack Pilot Gel-Ink Pens w Any Purchase”

  1. so i can buy something worth .25 cents and get the free pack of gel ink pens? =O or does it have to be a $5 purchase or something

  2. The coupon does not have a coupon code and will not work in the store. I tried it today and they wouldn’t accept it.

  3. they wouldnt take mine said it was a fraudulent coupon, and to think this went out to over 3 million people… sorry guys and gals, but it is a HOAX!!!

  4. doesn’t have coupon code but I talked with Manager and told him exactly what I did and he allowed me to get them. sorry for those it didn’t for

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