Free iPhone/iPod Date Cable

UPDATE: No longer available

Click this link to visit their site and you’ll be able to request a free iPhone/iPod Date Cable. Just click “Buy It Now,” They’re including free shipping and no credit card info is required.

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36 thoughts on “Free iPhone/iPod Date Cable”

  1. Ma dream was to get original iPhone/iPod charge cause china charge has spoil ma old iPhone please and please I need that date time cable please.

  2. Please I need that data cable and only you can give me original please and please I need that data cable.

  3. We were Netflix cust. As of today x-customer. Have grandchildren we want to have entertainment options for & a friend with a special needs child we would like to help. but not at their price changes.

    • I also am an ex-customer as of 3 day’s ago for the same reason. Their greed is losing them a lot of customer’s..

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