Coupon For A Free Pantene Shampoo Or Conditioner

UPDATE: I’ve had several people leave their address in the comments or ask me to email them. Guys please understand that I don’t work for these companies I just find the links for you guys. You have to email them, not write it here πŸ™‚

Via the Pantene facebook:

“If for some reason you were unable to request a Pantene Sample when they had it offered the last couple of days because of the glitches you can email Pantene at with Your Name, Your Address, Your Email and they will send you a coupon forΒ Free shampoo or conditioner up to $4.99, excluding trial size.”

96 thoughts on “Coupon For A Free Pantene Shampoo Or Conditioner”

  1. Couldn’t get my free pantene. Please send it to Sherry Howard
    *Address Removed by Sample Stuff*
    Thank you

  2. my adress- *address removed by sample stuff*

    could not get coupon thank you mark edmonds

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  4. i would love a free sample of pantene. with the cost of shampoo and conditioner getting so high, this is great u offer free samples. Thanks Bev

  5. i’ve heard about this shampoo and conditioner but haven’t tried it yet so i can’t wait to get this coupon for a free one thanks

  6. My husband & I used Pantene shampoo and conditioner every day. We love it. We usually buy the biggest bottle at Walmart. That is here it is the cheapest place to purchase them.

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