Odd Food Remedies

So far I’ve written all of you some articles of using food or other green ingredients as means to clean our homes and to keep our skin looking great. Now, I’m throwing in there some uncommon but effective uses of food to improve health or simply for more than just eating.

Pickle Juice – Drink roughly a shot of dill pickle juice (sweet formulas won’t work for this), either before or after strenuous physical activity. It’s been proven that dill pickle juice relieves muscle stiffness and cramping. Move over Gatorade! Also, though not proven, pickle juice is rumored to cure hiccups.

Tabasco Sauce – Put a drop or two on an aching tooth. Users of this remedy say it works better than Orajel.

Honey – Got a cut? Dab a little honey on the cut before applying the Band-aid. The honey will speed up the healing process and helps keep the Band-aid on.

Beer – Believe it or not, beer is great for your hair. It restores natural health and beauty to hair, and if left on in the sun, can even bring forth some natural highlights. The only thing I caution is leaving it on too long because no one wants to smell like a brewery. Another use for beer is as a bee trap. Bees love the smell of beer. By leaving a half full beer hanging from a tree, bees will fly in for a drink and then drown drunk.

Bread – If you’ve ever broken something glass, you know what a pain it is to pick up those tiny shards we have trouble getting with our fingers. This is where a slice of bread can serve another purpose. Just use some bread to blot around where the glass shards remain. The glass pieces get stuck in the bread and that’s it; toss it out.

Garlic – In the old days, carpenters stashed a clove of garlic in their pockets just in case of a splinter. Sounds strange, but research shows that gently rubbing garlic on a splinter will cause the splinter to come out almost completely on its own.

Mustard – Next time you have a chest cold or sinus infection, nix the Vicks and opt for some mustard instead. Spread a thin layer of mustard on your chest and cover with a hot towel, and then let the vapors do the rest.

Onion – Though not necessarily a remedy for your health, its ability to remove toxins could be viewed as a way to maintain healthiness. Skin and cut an onion in half. Set it on a plate in the middle of a room. Over time, toxins in the air will be absorbed into the onion. You can see this because the onion will actually change color, usually blackening. If properly disposed of, the onion smell itself should not linger after it’s been thrown away. Unbelievable as it sounds, the air will actually be cleaner and fresher.

Chocolate Syrup – If you’ve ever eaten anything hot and spicy, you might think to stampede toward a glass of water. This, however, is a mistake. Water and alcoholic beverages actually purify the heat of whatever you ate and make the sensation even hotter. Your best bet is something cool and creamy. Yogurt is pretty good for this, and so is cottage cheese. But did you know chocolate syrup does even better? Even just a teaspoon of chocolate syrup is potent enough to extinguish the hottest of mouth fires. And trust me; if the sensation is hot enough, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is the difference in tastes.

And there we have yet even more uses for food; in some cases eliminating the costs of some over the counter medicines; in other cases, just making our lives easier.


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  1. Believe it or not, everything that Todd wrote about actually works! These are age old cures and fixes.

  2. My Mama taught me these things growin’ up down home. Believe me, they all work! Thanks for sharing Todd! Love to read your posts!

  3. Yes! I’ve used most of these lol

    Also: Pepper- to keep neighborhood cats out of your garden/off your porch spread black pepper!

    Ground clove- in a toothache it will numb the tooth

    Vinegar- on burns to take the sting out

    • BTW, if you don’t have an Aloe Vera plant around; Apple Cider Vinegar works great on soothing sunburns too.

  4. i’m looking for something “household” to clean the plastic covering over the headlights of your car. mine aren’t bad, but it doesn’t look good. thanks

  5. Wow…very interesting! Thanks for all the great posts and for the samples! I love this page!!!!

  6. what a neat website!!! i was actually impressed and do plan on using the remedies I’ve read here !!! Thanks so much.

  7. Thanks, first time reader here~! Love the idea!!! Interestin’, now for me just to remember it all!!

  8. This tip isn’t for your physical health but your safety when removing a broken light bulb after the bulb has broken but left the base & internal elements in the socket. Cut a potato in half, inserting remains into the cut section; this will let you twist & loosen the bulb without endangering yourself from small glass shards.

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