1st 20,000: Free Greeting Card

UPDATE: No longer available

Click here to visit the Cardstore site and select a card. Personalize it and then at checkout where it asks for credit info, scroll down to where it asks for Promotional Code and enterĀ FBFREE Your final cost should now be $0 and you won’t have to put in any credit card info.

Image Credit: Cardstore ; thanks lostit

19 thoughts on “1st 20,000: Free Greeting Card”

  1. I waited more than 10 minutes and still waiting. URGH! That is it! I quit! Thank you for the Breast Cancer Awareness pin. Maybe i will have better luck next time.

  2. @Kath: If you apply the promo code then it will remove the credit card info area. Just make sure you apply the promo code again if you need to go back to correct any mistakes.

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