7 thoughts on “New Coupon: $1/1 Gallon Of Borden Milk”

  1. Is this coupon available in Southern NJ? Don’t want to print it, if I can’t use it.

    Let me know, thanks!

    • I went worried about if it was available everywhere but I printed it. It says VALID AT PARTICIPATING RETAILERS. It doesnt say any certain state or store.

  2. i haven’t seen borden milk or anything else for yrs. i did not know it still existed. what states is it in? i would love borden ice cream.

  3. I remember Borden’s Milk and the commercials of Elsie as a child. Somewhere through time, we could not get this milk at all. Now, I see it in Walmart, Walgreen’s and a little local store near me! I am so happy! Cause……If it’s Borden’s, it HAS to be good! LOL, I remember Elsie telling me that on T.V.!

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