Chips Ahoy 3-Day Coupon Giveaway

Just a heads up, starting tomorrow (Tuesday 10/25) Chips Ahoy will be holding a coupon giveaway on their facebook page for the first 20,000 people starting 12pm (Eastern Time) / 9am (Pacific Time). Their giveaway is going to last 3 days and hopefully we’ll be able to score some high value coupons 🙂

If you’d like, you can also click here to like Sample Stuff on facebook for a reminder.

Image Credit: Chips Ahoy

15 thoughts on “Chips Ahoy 3-Day Coupon Giveaway”

  1. Nice to give away free samples.Bad because if you work you aren’t home to get them.Wanted for my son.Oh well

  2. My husband eats these every night on his ice cream, it doesn’t even matter what kind of ice cream I give him, as long as orios are on it, he’ll eat it, lol

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