33 thoughts on “Possible Free Luvs Diaper Giveaway This Friday”

  1. I love luvs diapers!!! They are so much better that pampers and huggies!!!! They work miracles with my 2 and a half year old!!! Since he was one month old, I’ve used nothing else but luvs!!!! I would die to get free diapers!!!!

  2. We just had our fifth child. Thought we were done at four but we were blessed with one more. Fiona is two months old.

  3. I would be so honored to win luv Diapers for my first newborn grandson and for being a first time grandmother. You can never have too many diapers and i want him to be happy and dry and have a soft bottom, because he is so loving and precious and deserves the Luv’s.

  4. i ;have a three week old i could really use these luvs i really need them. they are the best diapers that i have tried.

  5. i am expecting grandma and i have used luvs with my kid and i hope she will love luvs with her child to come . still trying to stock up before the baby gets here in a couple months . i would LUV free diapers

  6. Luvs is the only diapers we use for my grandson. There the only ones I used on my kids after they came out. They’re the best!

  7. Im always looking @ coupons for diapers with a newborn u know he’ll need them 4 a long time. Luvs fits the best,made better & last longer. But they never have coupons out.. So come on Luvs-baby needs diapers !

  8. I absolutely love Luvs diapers. I have used them with both my girls. I would LOVE to win some free diapers!!

  9. I would love to win Free Diaper’s for my daughter who works very hard to support her daughter who is in diaper’s it would be wonderful to let her know that I won free diaper’s for her..

  10. I used luvs when my childern was babies now i have a grandchild and I use them on her I wouldn’t buy anything else

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