70 thoughts on “1st 50:000 Free Sample Of Nestle Peppermint Mocha Coffee”

  1. I always welcome samples to try before I buy something, and I like peppermint and mocha flavors, so this should be tasty

  2. I really like being able to get samples but, I am not able to get the Nestle Peppermint Mocha. On “select a state” nothing comes up. Is anyone else having this problem?

  3. I would like to have sample of free sample of nestle peppermint mocha coffee thanks i want to try that one

  4. I’ve followed directions several times to get this, but it always tells me I have an error. What a scam! Peppermint and chocolate are two of my favorite things..I wish I could have tried it.

  5. This sounds delicious! According to their page, they’ve removed the tab for the sample until technical issues are resolved. I’ll keep checking back because I’d really like to try this! :o)

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