10,000 Free Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Samples On Jan 27th

UPDATE #2: Their facebook says they’re out, hopefully you were able to snag one

UPDATE: Click here for the direct link, allow their application and fill out the form to request your free sample.

Just a heads up, this what Olay wrote on their facebook:

“You wanted more chances to win! Our next Freebie Friday will be tomorrow and we will give away 10,000 Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution samples! Tune in tomorrow for your chance to win.”

Image Credit: Olay

87 thoughts on “10,000 Free Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Samples On Jan 27th”

  1. I’d Love to try this sample I’ve used Olay since I was 16. Both my Grandmother & Mother used Olay & they had the Most beautiful skin, they were 91 & 86, when they passed.

  2. were can i get free sample today is the 27th and there is an form to fill out and i want to try your sample

  3. When age starts to show, we panic and our self asteam loses a little more with time , it’s time to find a secret helper.

  4. I would absolutely love to have some samples of Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution samples. i need to try this product, I use Oil Olay daily from my shower wash, face wash and moisturizer.

  5. I wanted a FREE sample. Due to working during the day, I can’t usually get on the computer until after 4 pm

  6. so disappointed in your giveaway yesterday you told us about it i commented you did not give the form to fill out til today i was on at 6 am and there was still no form to fill out . got back on now and all gone and i really wanted to try it 🙁

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