1st 15,000: Free Sample Of Puffs-to-Go Pack

UPDATE: No longer available

Click here to visit the “Be The First To Know” site and fill out the form to request a free sample of Puffs-to-Go Pack. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Image Credit: Puffs ; thanks bzVash & Sabrienna

18 thoughts on “1st 15,000: Free Sample Of Puffs-to-Go Pack”

  1. Just in case anyone else is having ths problem.

    For some reason the form would not let me put my apartment number in the space provided for Apt./Suite Number.

    I just added it to my address and then it let me submit.

  2. I tried to get one and it would let me. I put my information in lower case and then in upper case letters. No deal it would not let me summit or check that I could say yes to having more information sent to me.

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