7 Coupons For Free Voskos Greek Yogurt

UPDATE: No longer available

UPDATE: Their site is down, but click here for the video

This is what Voskos Greek Yogurt just posted on their facebook:

“Who wants free Voskos? Watch a 30-seconds video at http://www.voskos.com/fresh/media/voskos-plus-granola, email the three captions that appear in the video (three reasons to enjoy Voskos plus Granola) plus your address to FB (at) Voskos.com, and get a one-week supply of Voskos plus Granola, in the form of 7 free product coupons mailed to your home.”

Hurry though because I don’t think this will last long.

Image Credit: Voskos Greek Yogurt ; thanks Dayna

27 thoughts on “7 Coupons For Free Voskos Greek Yogurt”

  1. The instructions are in italics above…you have to send an e-mail to Voskos but the website won’t let her put the “@” sign so she wrote it out.

  2. Love the chance to try Voskos the three captions are:
    2x Protein
    Thick, Creamy and Crunchy
    Great on the go
    Can’t wait to try it!

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